meet our peeps!

Our Peeps are all talented and trained actors & actresses, and our team leaders are experienced stage and television directors.  We springboard off the creative vision for your marketing initiative and add the following value...

:-) carefully cast and select the right personalities to represent you 

:-) ensure each Peep is well briefed and prepared to meet your needs 

:-) translate your marketing message into actable scripts for our Peeps 

:-) direct the Peeps in their performance so that they know what to say, how to say it, and what results they should measure success by 

We are hands-on at every step to ensure that you are delighted with the people representing you in every way:  their demeanour, their intelligence, their attitude and their enthusiasm!

For inquiries, please contact peeps @ cheerful peeps . com

A Boutique Staffing and Casting Service, we provides extroverted, intelligent, talented people for creative promotions, activations, stunts, interactions, events, marketing, branding, commercials, videos.